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You raised your they are 18+... Have you considered adopting them and finally getting the "step" out of your family?!

Step Family Adult Adoption

What constitutes an average family has certainly changed over the last several years. There are now many more intact, functional and happy families in situations where the children may not share the DNA with one, or even both of the people who raised them to adulthood.

If you are a couple looking to adopt an adult member of your family in Alberta you will participate in “The Alberta Adult Adoption Program”.

“Adult” adoption refers to adoptions where:

  • The family member has reached the legal Age of Majority (18)
  • The family members mutually agree to the adoption
  • The process is regulated under the Adult Adoption Act of Alberta
  • The adopting parties are within the jurisdiction of the Alberta Courts

Small Miracles Adoption believes that adult adoption represents so much more than simply addressing a legal technicality. It is a source of pride and acknowledgement for successful parenting and the formation of relationships that evolve and grow over many years.

Legally, Why Bother?

By the time you’ve reached 18 or beyond, effecting a legal adoption may seem unnecessary or pointless; but it isn’t.

People who are raised by someone other than their legal parent often choose to assume the family surname or may even apply for a legal change of name to achieve family name consistency. Simply assuming a name is not unlawful, but will cause all sorts of problems when applying for government documents or otherwise interacting with society and its institutions (banks, schools, healthcare, etc.)

A legal name change will address some of these issues but will not, for example, address estate transition or place the individual on the same legal playing field as other siblings.

Socially, Why Bother?

As with all forms of adoption, an adult adoption means never having to say “Foster”, “Step” or even the word “Adopted” ever again.

If you’ve endured growing up using any of those words, you will know how powerful that is.

To Name Change or Not to Name Change…

An adult adoption will NOT automatically change your surname. Following an adult adoption, many people will apply to Vital Statistics to match their name.

How to Get Started

Adult adoption starts with a conversation. It might be initiated by the adult son/daughter or by the parent. Legally and practically it has to be something that both parties are enthusiastic about. Contact Small Miracles and we will provide you with assistance on how to proceed. We will send you a package detailing all of the documents and information that we require. After receiving your information, we will draft the application and accompanying legal documents for Court approval.

Why Choose Small Miracles Adoption?

Small Miracles specializes in Adult Adoption. The agency originally opened its doors in 2010 for the express purpose of filing Adult and Step Family adoptions for Albertans and has a demonstrated expertise in preparing this kind of Court application. Not only are we good at it, but we believe in it!

Like we are fond of saying:

Adoption is the ultimate expression of a committed heart…

With adult adoptions, there are always two equally committed hearts!

*Small Miracles Adoption provides specialized Adult Adoption Services throughout Alberta!


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