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Has your situation changed? Do you need to explore other possibilities for your child?

Small Miracles Adoption offers free pregnancy tests. We also offer free pregnancy counselling services to help explore your possibilities and options.

Allow Small Miracles Adoption in Edmonton, Alberta to provide you with the free, confidential, non-judgmental help you need to carefully and completely consider your choices. We provide free pregnancy counselling services and adoption options to women across Alberta. We help with open discussions regarding abortion, adoption options, and unplanned pregnancies; allow our pregnancy counsellors to partner with you and help during this stressful and confusing time in your life.

We will travel to you if you do not live in Edmonton. Explore ALL of your options with free and confidential support.

There is never any cost to you with adoption; you – the birth mother and your family do not incur any cost at all. All of our pregnancy counselling and adoption services are free of charge.

We provide life-time counselling and support to you and your family if you choose to make an adoption plan for your child.

Let us help you with YOUR Small Miracle!

What Is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is where there is a mutual exchange of personal and identifying information. What does this mean, exactly? It means that, at the very least, your name and basic health and family information is shared with the adopting family. This information is made available for the child, in the event there is limited contact. You will also receive information about the adopting family.  In fact, you will choose and meet the family you want to be parents to your child.

Open adoption is not shared parenting; it is about being open and honest and sharing information. It is about the option of having ongoing contact with the adopting family.  It is about empowering you to choose parents for your child. If you have an unexpected pregnancy, please consider an Open Adoption.

An Open-Adoption Option Story by Ali (birthmother)

What Do The Adopting Couples Look Like?

Let’s start by explaining how people become approved adopting couples/families.  More often than not, couples who contact an adoption agency have been trying for years to have a baby. Most couples have had multiple miscarriages. Many couples cannot conceive or carry a child to term. Usually, by the time adoption is considered as a way to create their family, families have had to deal with their grief and loss of a child. These couples have to go through a really tough screening process to ensure that they are ready to adopt a child, they can afford the costs of an adoption, understand and accept open adoption. Couples have to have criminal record checks, child intervention record checks, references, submit proof of financial security, attend a two day seminar about open adoption, open their home to one of our Social Workers who will interview them several times (and write a report) to assess their readiness to adopt, and prove that they are ready to adopt.  After months of careful screening, if they meet the requirements, they are approved and placed on a waiting list.

Adopting couples look like ordinary people. Adopting couples are not ordinary though; they are extraordinary people who desperately want to be parents through adoption. They will love your child as their own no matter what the circumstance.  They will accept you and not judge you.  They are committed to open adoption with you.

Adoption is The Ultimate Expression of a Committed Heart! 

How Do You Choose The Right Family?

When you are ready to consider a family for your child, we will sit down and explain the process. Even if it is an unexpected pregnancy, we will help you. We will ask questions. We will ask you about the qualities you want in a family. When you are ready, we will show you family profiles that best meet what you are looking for. The profiles include pictures of the couple and their family, their pets (if any), a letter and information about the adopting family. You will also read their home assessment report.  We will arrange a ‘meet and greet’ with the family you choose. This meeting gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get to know one another better. You and the family will have discussions about the type of contact and frequency of contact with one another.  Contact can be in the form of text, email, phone calls, letters, pictures, social media and/or in person.

If you would like to speak with someone in Alberta about your pregnancy options, please contact 780-421-1177 in Edmonton or email info@smallmiraclesadoption.com or complete our INTAKE FORM.

Texting line for expecting parent/parents 587-596-5380 Edmonton.

All services to prospective birth parents are private and confidential, regardless of your final decision. All services to birth parents are free, regardless of your final decision; this includes the free pregnancy tests and pregnancy counselling.

What is open adoption like for you as a birth mother?


If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, we offer full professional, non-judgemental support for women exploring their options.
We do not discriminate
We support LGBTQ.

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