How Late is Too Late?

Unlike some of your other pregnancy-related options, It is NEVER too late to consider adoption. Most of your options relating to pregnancy termination in Alberta are time-limited.  We described those options and the associated timelines below.

In contrast, in Alberta, adoption can be considered at any time during your pregnancy including the days following the delivery.

If you are confident and comfortable that terminating your pregnancy is your best course of action, then there a number of options available in Alberta.

too late for an abortion?

From a medical perspective, it is best if abortions are conducted within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The window to terminate a pregnancy in Alberta is 20 weeks unless there are extenuating medical reasons. Abortions, however, are rarely conducted after 24 weeks.

A pregnancy can be medically terminated using a number of methods:

  • Planb or “The Morning After Pill” (With a prescription and within 72 hours of having had unprotected sex)
  • RU 486 or Mifegymiso (With a prescription and within 49 days of having had unprotected sex; Newly approved by Health Canada in July 2015 and available in Winter 2016)
  • Medical Procedure abortion (In a hospital or in a private clinic up to 20 weeks unless extended for medical reasons.)

There are many reasons why a woman may find herself “too far along” to legally and/or safely terminate a pregnancy. Depending on the woman, pregnancy symptoms may not have been pronounced or obvious until after the 20 week limit. There are situations where women may initially deny or hide their pregnancies. Often women, who plan to keep their child, may subsequently become overwhelmed, or their circumstances may unexpectedly change.

If you find that you are too far along to legally terminate your pregnancy, know that you still have options.

Allow Small Miracles Adoption to provide you with the confidential, non-judgmental help you need to carefully and completely consider your choices. Located in Edmonton, we help provide pregnancy counseling services to pregnant women all over Alberta. The staff at Small Miracles Adoptions have years of experience working with adoptions and counseling. We look forward to talking with you about your options. Small Miracles Adoptions have counselors and socials workers have been helping birth parents of all ages who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Should you decide that, for whatever reasons, you simply cannot be a parent at this time, allow us to explain the many advantages of adoption and introduce you to a wonderful selection of couples anxious to love and parent your child. Small Miracles Adoption has 25 couples all over Alberta ready to adopt children.

Our Promise to You

The Internet is a wonderful tool to research the information you may need to help arrive at the best possible decision concerning your pregnancy. Unfortunately, many sites may reflect strong opinions and positions representing both ends of the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice discussion.

In attempting to provide you with accurate, reliable information, Small Miracles Adoption may link to sites that we believe reflect quality content. Because we link to a specific location on a site however, does not mean that we endorse that site in its entirety or necessarily agree with their positions or opinions on contraception, abortion or adoption.

Small Miracles Adoption strives to provide you with complete and accurate information for all of your options. We are not affiliated to any organization, movement or religious group. We will never pressure you one way or another. We will respect and continue to support you regardless of what you ultimately decide is best for you. Call us at 780-421-1177 or text our help line at 587-596-5380

*Small Miracles Adoption provides FREE pregnancy counseling services for all Albertans! Visit our office in Edmonton, or we will come visit you to start your free pregnancy counselling.


If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, we offer full professional, non-judgemental support for women exploring their options.
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