Pro Choice or Pro Life

We are often asked whether we are Pro Choice or Pro Life. Are we supportive of you keeping your baby, or even abortion in Alberta. To be completely truthful, we are Pro-You. We offer free pregnancy counselling in Edmonton that focuses on you and what is best for you, and the baby. We acknowledge that people have legitimate feelings and beliefs at both ends of this important social discussion, but we will never forget that, for you, this is personal. If you are here, looking at this page, then you are in the process of searching for information and guidance; let our Edmonton pregnancy counsellors help, we will travel anywhere in Alberta for you. Your circumstances are unique and your decision difficult. There is an awful lot to consider and to sort through. It can all be very confusing. Small Miracles believes in the magic of adoption and the many benefits of adoption, especially in Alberta. Accordingly, we will provide you with information that features the many advantages that adoption options in Alberta affords those people who decide to make an Adoption Plan; including open adoptions, private adoptions, and closed adoptions. We will also answer your questions, provide information and make referrals with respect to your full range of options, including keeping the baby, or even abortion. We will continue to support you regardless of what path you ultimately choose. We will help work through your very individual choices until you arrive at the best possible decision for you. If you are pregnant and exploring your options, we would are hear to help you.

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

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By Confidential Text Message (from your computer or mobile device) 587-596-5380

*Small Miracles Adoption provides free confidential pregnancy counselling services throughout Alberta! visit our offices in Edmonton, or call to book an in home visit.


If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, we offer full professional, non-judgemental support for women exploring their options.
We do not discriminate
We support LGBTQ.

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